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Why Choose Us ?

Tailored Search approach to skyrocket your organizational growth with us.

  • Candidate Search Made Simple
  • Tailored Search Techniques.
  • Pre- Interview “Interview”
  • Targeting Diversity for the next Decade
  • Market & Competition Assessment
  • Cultural Transformation made simple
  • Unique profile assesment
  • Leadership Development


A bad hire or hiring mashaps can cost you big, while a tailored, well assessed hire as we at Vantedge do can give you the boost you needed in this thriving, competitive world. Our global team of Consultants and hiring Managers have their set of unique ways of attracting the right talent at the right time. Because, timing is necessary. Imagine you are in a dire need of a new head of department somewhere along your branches and you end up filling in with a misfit while stumbling upon a perfect fit few days later only to realize he/she is looking out. We could solve that, with our aggressively driven and involved team of consultants and their hiring strategies.
Your need is our serving motto.
The search of candidates is art coupled with a lot of science and engineering. You have to be analytical and broad in your approach. We have an existing database of lacs of suitable candidates with thousands of active contacts. With a lot of investment in technology, our tech savvy workforce is driven to the tailored search approaches we boast about. Our multi dimensional assessment methodologies are approved by the best and top level executives of industry.


How do you attract top-notch executives? 

Once people reach the executive, technical and functional expertise matters less than leadership skills and a strong grasp of business fundamentals. Chief information officers need to know how to create business models; chief financial officers, how to develop risk management strategies; chief human resource officers, how to design a succession plan and a talent structure that will provide a competitive edge. You need to design your executive search accordingly. We have deep understanding of the industry and competitive edges that might define your future leadership.

Leadership Analysts as Recruiters.


Our team consists of only the seasoned Leadership Consultants who are equipped with a pool of relationships & contacts from the best of industry.

Reach across Geographies


Take a name and we have global outreach there. With contacts spanning the globe, we are fully equipped to cater to the toughest of locations that you could think of

A clear sense of mission.


We do our research on your organizational values and occupational necessities. Your requirement becomes our mission.

All the right tools


We have a very fluid approach to Executive hiring. We call it fluid because it is designed accordingly, with the right platforms and tools.